Cold Beer.  Hot Rock.  Expect No Mercy.  Forever!
War Eagle Supper Club
Last Call 12.31.2015
Remembered Forever

Thanks for the memories!

Expect No Mercy!

Tim Brando's shout out to the Supper Club
following the 2013 Iron Bowl

CBS Sports' Tim Brando knows the War Eagle Supper Club
belongs in the Auburn memory books along with the 2013 Iron
Bowl final second Here's a shout out to the Supper Club on that
magical night. Show No Mercy. Expect No Mercy. Either way,
the legend lives on! War Eagle!

Tour of the Club

with Velcro Pygmie's Cam

Cam takes you on a twenty minute tour of the Supper Club, and a walk
down memory lane, prior to the Velcro Pygmie's final show at the Supper
Club on the night of the 2015 Iron Bowl.